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The Derelicts!

The Derelicts!
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The debut album of Kochi based alternative/disco/electronic outfit The Derelicts! released through Overfeed Records.

What starts off with the fun-loving but morose-tinted ‘Happy Sad’ is a blueprint for the band’s style – flittering funky guitars, a solid hook about being yourself and a few trembling synth lines. On ‘Introspect’, they offer a sound that’s entirely familiar – recalling the likes of Jamiroquai in shimmering, dancefloor-friendly rhythmic patterns over lyrics about seizing the day.

They play with space and echoes and carry that forward to ‘Jennifer’, which questions the unending narcissism that stems from social media addiction.
- The Hindu.

One of the most interesting behaviours that so many young people have is persevering through mental illness or depression enough to go out. Often times in your 20s or college career, there will be nights where the weight of the world can fall on you, but if your friends say they’re going to the bar, you can occasionally stave off the sadness enough to get yourself to the bar and be the saddest person at the party. The Derelicts’ “Happy Sad” is built on this notion of trying to grin in the face of a bleak outlook. This indie pop jam is from the Indian group’s debut EP next month, and we’re excited to be bringing its first single to the U.S. on Atwood Magazine!

- ATWOOD Magazine

"The embracing of fake social media personas by youngsters as reality inspired the song “Jennifer”. Pop Culture has influenced people so much that sometimes good looking is more valued than being talented & insightful."
-- The Derelicts on Earbuddy

" "Jennifer" is a breezy listen with lush and tuneful synth-pop influence.
-- A Humming Heart."

"The song is commentary on pop culture and the reality of youngsters scrambling to create a fake persona and social life in a shallow pursuit of success."
-- The Orijinal

Found tracks

The Derelicts! - Happy Sad
The Derelicts! - Introspect
The Derelicts! - Jennifer
The Derelicts! - In The Air


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