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Scenes From A Deserted City LP + Digital Download (HM013)

Scenes From A Deserted City LP + Digital Download (HM013)

The FIRST 50 Bandcamp VINYL buyers also receive the 'DELETED SCENES' BONUS CD, containing NINE EXCLUSIVE TRACKS not otherwise scheduled for release.

Expertly mastered by Keith 'Radioactive Man' Tenniswood. Housed in a deliciously full colour, hot-pinky-red printed sleeve with 6mm spine.


Includes unlimited streaming of Scenes From A Deserted City LP + Digital Download (HM013) via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

‘Nice work! I like Sodium Orange the best… It’s interesting music, I am sure you will have a lot of success’ LEVON VINCENT
‘Thank you so much for sending’ AVALON EMERSON
'I like this. A bit Plaid-y. Confident programming' MIXMASTER MORRIS (re Urban Decay Sale - then shared link to album on Facebook)
‘This is superb. Thank you so much for sending it to me… Brilliant music’ LAURENT GARNIER
‘Sweet! Thanks a lot. Love ‘On The Corner’ (B2). All pretty nice, though’ EXTRAWELT
‘Sounds great… got the vibe of a full movie soundtrack to me – a lovely piece of work, and well put together’ THE REVENGE
'Beautiful album. I really like Sodium Orange, Urban Decay Sale, On The Corner, Bruised.' LEO MAS (Balearic legend)
'I've been chilling out to it. Very nice.' MOODY BOYZ (Acid House legend)
'It's great. Will defo play something on my next Noods show' RED RACK EM
‘Brilliant album, thank you!’ NIGHTWAVE
‘I like that. Definitely into the A side more, especially ‘Ripples Begin’ PLACID (We Go Deep)
‘Magic, love it' (Previously: 'Put Ripples Begin on a mix I did for the Sub Club') DOMENIC CAPPELLO (Subculture)
‘Sounding cool’ DAN CURTIN (Metamorphic)*
'Nice one. Reminds me of the good ol commodore c64 days. 8bit sounds 🙂 well done'
‘Sounding very nice, I like the Ripples Begin track loads!’ IDA (Acid Flash)*
'I really like it. Sounds deep and warm on 1st listen, and am sure it will deliver more and more each time' CEDRIC 'WOO' LASSONDE (Beauty & The Beat, LDN/Int)
‘Really good as always. Different again. Will definitely pull something for the radio’ JAMIE THOMSON (Radio Magnetic)
'Interesting stuff. Perfect soundtrack to my upcoming NYC to Detroit Greyhound bus ride :o) Will try and squeeze something in on my Ibiza Global Radio show when I get back end of the month :o) Thanks for sending 'PHAT' PHIL COOPER
'Right up my street' RENATA OPPRECHT (Rossz Records, EHFM)
‘Thanks for this. Absolutely superb stuff, will be listening at home and playing out too!’ GEOFF TICEHURST (Sheffield)
'The tracks have a deft touch and he's struck a good balance between the industrial sounds with the melodic synths too. Some which have those epic sweeping chords are just brilliant, jaw dropingly good... initial impression is very very good' ERIC 'D'VIKING' ROBERTS
'I liked it. The sound and style reminded me of Luke Slater’s My Yellow Wise Rug from back in the day. Emotional electro; very heartfelt and melancholic. It is bordering on anachronistic too, of another time. "Techno poetry in (e)motion”. It certainly grows on you, the more you listen the more you relate to it. Alan has done a great job. My favourite tracks are Abandoned Suburbs, North Wood Encounter, and Urban Decay, but they are all growing on me' FELIX ORAM
'Really loving this release, it's so good!!!' DANIEL MUTCH (Booker, 432 Events/The Blue Arrow/Hug & Pint, Glasgow)
'Been hammering this early doors at both MFSB & We Come To Dance. Some great tracks on this package :)' DAVID ELDERS (EDIN)

*Feedback for unreleased EP/sampler shared with a small number of DJs earlier this year. [NB Ripples Begin is the only track on the album from this EP.]

"Glaswegian producer Alan Bryden's Gaming project falls somewhere between electro, IDM, and the kind of synth wave that Com Truise has made his own. Crisply mastered by Radioactive Man, 'Scenes From A Deserted City' is compelling stuff, nodding as much to '90s techno as to CPU's more futuristic artists. Tracks such as 'Otago Lane' bubble and pulse with colourful synth life, whereas 'Night Drive (Through Gavonhill') brings that familiar musical metaphor to bear with a four-four beat and intricate bleeps. 8/10" DJ MAG

"The name that Glasgow's Alan Bryden has picked for his new 'braindance' project is definitely apt. In a literal sense, there's a lo-fi sensibility to the likes of 'Night Drive' and 'Urban Decay Sale' with clear parallels to computer game music. But there's also a relaxed, playful vibe to 'Abandoned Suburbs', 'Night Drive' that's hard not to love. Play on." ELECTRONIC SOUND

"Playful music between Minimal Electro, Bleep and Techno delivers the project Gaming of the Glasgow producer Alan Bryden on his debut album "Scenes From A Deserted City". The instrumental tracks have a strong retro flair and combine the already evoked by the project name field of Games music with sci-fi soundtracks and influences from 90s techno, braindance and IDM. In spite of the sometimes buzzing, mechanical and rhythmic nature of the music, it has a lot to offer Stretch a chilled character. Created with analogue as digital devices, softsynths and Modular Technique, "Scenes From A Deserted City" is an album that has much to explore between frayed loops, computerized, often abstract arpeggios, and all kinds of Bleep sounds." BEAT MAGAZINE, DE (in English courtesy of Google Translate)

Played by STUART MACONIE on the FREAKZONE/6MUSIC) 2.11.19:
Live Session, Music For A Single Plant with Renata Opprecht, EH-FM, 17th Dec
Live Session, Jamie Thomson, Radio Magnetic, 4th Jan '20
‘Really good as always. Different again. Will definitely pull something for the radio’ JAMIE THOMSON (Radio Magnetic)
'Cracking album, full of interesting ideas and glorious beats. I've added Centro to the pile for tomorrow's (monday) show from midday to 2pm. PAT BENSBERG (The Eccentric Selection, Phonic FM, Exeter - 7.10.19)
Yes yes - will play on my EHFM show' COLVIN CRUICKSHANK (Thinktank/Snide Rhythms)


GAMING is the fresh new braindance electronica project from producer and musician Alan Bryden.

GAMING is a new solo outing that brings together a lifelong love of music and technology and creating left field, rhythmic electronica. It’s the sound of IDM, nineties techno and mensch maschine computer music that is as spontaneous as it is programmed.

“Scenes From A Deserted City is a collection of tracks that started as a set of riffs, loops, rhythms and grooves and unfurled around a sense of growing unease about the future of the urban environment around me.
It’s an album that started out as sound…and ended up as a way of telling stories about the age of anxiety we live in, how our world is changing, and how we find a way through that.

This is DIY electronica from Glasgow – it was made on a growing collection of digital and analogue synths and FX units, including a bunch of modular racks, each with its own idiosyncrasies and character that belies the assumption of the binary.

The studio where it was recorded – an abandoned, and often very cold, school building reclaimed by the community some twenty years ago – offered up stories of resilience, even when all seems lost. (I’m not sure what the mice contributed but they definitely climbed in and out of some synths).

This album is ultimately about my changing relationship with Glasgow, a city I’ve lived in for more than 25 years. It’s about how I feel now about the increasing sense of urban decay and how the city can be a very isolating place. It’s about how I reflect on my younger creative self trying to find a direction but mainly feeling a sense of dislocation and not fitting in. And it’s about the questions I have about how that relationship is changing, how it will be forced to move forward.

The result is a soundtrack for walking home on your own, in that headphone bubble when it’s just you focusing on that music that makes sense to you alone. It’s for early in the morning, after the night before, or going to work with the memories of that slipping and sliding inside your head. It’s about how it feels to be both elated and lonely, to be lost in the familiar, despairingly hopeful.”

ALAN BRYDEN (Glasgow, August ‘19)

Found tracks

Gaming - Urban Decay Sale
Gaming - Ripples Begin
Gaming - Otago Lane
Gaming - Sodium Orange
Gaming - On The Corner
Gaming - Night Drive (Thru-Govanhill)
Gaming - Bruised
Gaming - Abandoned Suburbs
Gaming - North Wood Encounter
Gaming - Deserted City
Gaming - Centro
Gaming - False Dawn
Gaming - Deleted_Scenes_CD_Track1_'Likeness'
Gaming - Deleted_Scenes_CD_Track2_'Deleted_Scene'
Gaming - Deleted_Scenes_CD_Track3_'Fold_Inwards'
Gaming - Deleted_Scenes_CD_Track4_'Central_Cavern'
Gaming - Deleted_Scenes_CD_Track5_'After_Dark'
Gaming - Deleted_Scenes_CD_Track6_'SubtitledScene'
Gaming - Deleted_Scenes_CD_Track7_'Attic_Sequencer_Crash_Memory'
Gaming - Deleted_Scenes_CD_Track8_'Ultra_Randomize_(2)'
Gaming - Deleted_Scenes_CD_Track9_'Space_Debris'


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