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Magik Markers "Baltimore Trust"

Magik Markers
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This album is a very hi-fi live recording of the "Classic" Magik Markers lineup of Ambrogio, Nolan, and Quimby, playing the 2nd to last gig of their 2nd U.S. tour with Western Mass heavyweights Astral Blessing. It was documented by legendary DC area bootlegger Phil Smoker on his binaural mic setup.. so the sonics are quite nice. The Markers are at the top of their game here.. playing a free rock that has precedence in no wave music and free rock groups like the Dead C.. but the Markers are truly creating a sound here that is their own. The 4 spontaneous rock compositions on this album feature a heavy rocking drum sound, a vaguely surfy clattery guitar and rhythm by Quimby, and a wild and unchained fuzz and feedback guitar and equally unbridled free verse/sound vocalising by Ambrogio. This Album is one of the clearest representations of what was great and original about this early incarnation of the Magik Markers. This is the sound that put them on the map.

Found tracks

Magik Markers - You guys like stories?
Magik Markers - Don't Face the Amp
Magik Markers - I slept right through this next one
Magik Markers - 23 Sprague Street


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