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Meta Valley EP

Meta Valley EP
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Life Beneath the Veneer

Meta Valley is a bitter-sweet portrait of fractured homelife, dischordant and exclusive nightlife, and, destructive day-to-day life of a homogenous corporate culture. Meta Valley is about seeing beyond appearance, fronts, looks and attitudes and recognising “human beings”.

Meta Valley is about sharing the deepest of experiences together—conflict, love, loss, elation, shame, joy, grief. These experiences of vulnerability teach you, above all else, you are human. You are not alone in the world and you are loved.

Found tracks

Abelard - In The Rain (Extended Mix)
Abelard - Meta Valley (Extended Mix)
Abelard - Cheap Talk
Abelard - Look Around You (feat. Cade)
Abelard - Dance In Space ✌︎
Abelard - Waiting By The Window
Abelard - Edie's Theme


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