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Don't Sweat It! EP

Don't Sweat It! EP
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I'm Hushy and this is the music I make

if you give me $3 a month you can get several hundred old and embarrassing songs which aren't available elsewhere

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Summertime Sodababy - Hey Dude!
Summertime Sodababy - Don't Sweat It!
Summertime Sodababy - Citizen King - Better Days (And The Bottom Drops Out) [cover]
Summertime Sodababy - Help I'm Stuck In The Washing Machine!
Summertime Sodababy - Supersummertime Sodadeath!
Summertime Sodababy - Mushy Cantaloupe!
Summertime Sodababy - Capsule - Samurai Logic [cover ft. 4lung]


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